Delta Attorneys is a Belgian boutique law firm that focuses on the assistance of doctors and other healthcare professionals. It acts as a legal “one stop shop” by offering a full legal service to healthcare professionals, who have no interest in consulting more than one attorney for legal issues. Most of the expertise regarding legal issues in the medical business is present in house, and if it is not for very specific matters Delta consults external attorneys but remains the sole client contact, and is fully responsible for the clients interests.

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Wim Decloedt

Since 2005 we only represent healthcare professionals, excluding patients, hospitals and other medical institutions. This enables us to be consistent and straightforward in defending the interests of doctors, without any risk of conflicts of interests. Hospitals or patients that would like to consult Delta Attorneys are kindly referred to other attorneys active in the medical sector.


Activities of healthcare attorneys are too often wrongfully described as “medical law”. Doctors are entrepreneurs delivering high value medical services to their patients, and should be correctly remunerated for it. As healthcare attorneys, the services of Delta are essentially situated in the domains of entrepreneurial law and general civil law where these domains regard the activities of healthcare professionals (formation of companies or partnerships, doctor-hospital relationship, doctor-patient relationship, etc). However, the specific setting of healthcare and the specific applicable legislation makes it necessary to handle legal issues in a different way or to bypass what is commonly done in the general legal domains.

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The precise activities consist mainly of consultancy, as well regarding the drafting and execution of contracts as regarding dispute resolution. Delta tends to resolve disputes by negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, but when necessary assistance and representation is delivered before Belgian and foreign courts or other institutions (arbitration, disciplinary authorities, RIZIV/INAMI, etc.).



The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining (J.F. Kennedy)


At Delta Attorneys, our focus is to avoid and control conflicts. By anticipating conflicts and problems in advance, problems can often be avoided, or their solution facilitated. Based on our large and specific experience regarding legal issues in healthcare, we pay special attention to balanced contractual arrangements in all legal relationships of our clients (partnership, hospital agreement, etc).

Another absolute guideline in our philosophy is customization. Too often healthcare professionals copy structures or solutions developed for colleagues, unfortunately often based on what they are told by legal and other consultants. Standardization is a horror notion in legal consultancy for doctors: it simply doesn’t work. We only work “à la tête du client” and prepare customized arrangements for our clients.


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