Bearers of Secrets

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In 2006, the German artist Ottman Hörl presented his “Geheimnisträger” or “Bearers of Secrets” at Art Karlsruhe, the City of Justice in Germany. The three black, red and yellow dwarfs representing See Nothing, Hear Nothing and Say Nothing are inspiring postures in our offices, reminding us every day of one the major principles under pressure today: our professional secrecy. On the threshold of the new year, it is an image that we would like to share with you.

2017 has been a challenging year for healthcare in Belgium.

Nearly all hospitals found a spot in one of the networks, but remain uncertain without a legal framework. Everybody is wondering: what’s next? It is clear to everyone that the financing of health care needs to be reformed, but the creation of networks should not only aim at cost savings.

In the past, doctors have shown that they have the necessary flexibility to proactively address the challenges in health care. They should be involved, not only in the development of the legal framework, but also later in the management of the hospitals that function within that framework.

For the new year 2018 we wish you the courage, perseverance, flexibility and empathy that will be needed to safeguard the quality of our health care. We thank you for the trust in our services and will be at your disposal where necessary. We will continue to “Bear Secrets” but will not fail to see, hear and say whatever is necessary to serve your interests.

Kind Regards,

Wim Decloedt

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