Bearers of Secrets

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In 2006, the German artist Ottman Hörl presented his “Geheimnisträger” or “Bearers of Secrets” at Art Karlsruhe, the City of Justice in Germany. The three black, red and yellow dwarfs representing See Nothing, Hear Nothing and Say Nothing are inspiring postures in our offices, reminding us every day of one the major principles under pressure […]

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How Doctors Think

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If you are still looking for a good book to enjoy during summer holidays, consider “How Doctors Think” by Jerome Groopman. Groopman, a medical doctor in Boston (USA) faced some medical problems himself and learned many lessons about how doctors behave, communicate and how they decide on the diagnosis. How about this: on average, a […]

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Today our thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends of the attacks on Brussels Airport and the Brussels’ metro. We stand in solidarity with them and with all those who fight against acts of terror and radicalism in all kind of ways. Due to these attacks and the fact that access by […]

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